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What can say about God’s Providence at (WCI)? , He has done a lot for me! This is place where Honey and Milk come from as far as theology is concerned. Students from different countries have being called for this Training, many have come from Congo, Kenya, Cameroon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Uganda inclusive for this course, which have left many reformed in their theological thinking. Some come with perfectionist Ideologies in Minds about their faith but after 1st semester, most come to realize their For Grace upon salvation and this has left many of us humbled for knowledge about Jesus Christ.

While at this Institute, we enjoy sports, we have football and Volley ball, these are the games which stretch our Minds after assignment and Class work, and this leaves us physically feet. However, if you want to survive at this institute, you must be married to Books and hard works on assignments. This keeps us going for Gospel transformation. It’s always a testimony for all the graduating students from this Institute ,appreciating the change has been made in their Lives and for this reason many have made a great impact in the communities.

Therefore come and we get to know the Lord in being trained for Gospel Transform, for it’s the Power on which our Lives base on May God bless you.

All from:
(Kiirya Denis, BATS Student 2015).