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Descriptions, Implications And Actions For The Semester Break

I would like to describe few implications for this semester break for WCIU Students and Staff as follows:-

  1. The break is temporary but not fully defined. The Government Issued a directive to close schools and other public gatherings for 32 days but it has not explained what it is doing to deal with COVID 19. The measure taken is preventative but not remedial or curative. It means that in an event that Corona is identified in Uganda within 30 days or shortly after, schools will not reopen until a curative measure has been put in place implying that the temporary measure is be indefinite.
  2. You are discouraged to go to countries where cases of Corona have been identified to avoid importing the virus. You will not be allowed into WCIU once discovered that you crossed boarder. This condition seems unfair but it is an important cautionary measure for the safety of all returning students.
  3. In case you don’t have accommodation with a friend or relative around Kampala or any village in Uganda, I will make one dormitory available for your accommodation but you must provide food for yourself.
  4. Teaching and learning – face to face contact with lecturers has been interrupted by this directive but interface through other media is open. We are going to make our website, Facebook, Whatsapp and twitter platforms very much effective. You need to keep your eyes on these forms of networks for the purpose of continuous learning.
  5. Library will remain open till Friday March 27th to allow students around to complete their course works and return books and probably make some copies for reading assignments that you may not be able to complete within a week. I disallow giving out Library books in consideration of point (1) above.
  6. Tuition and fees – I thank students who have already met their fees obligations. I encourage those who have not yet to do so at their return since this will affect their sitting of final examinations.
  7. Fully sponsored students – if you have up-keep money on the School account, please see the Accountant for your transportation to the village.
  8. Administrative offices will remain open to allow correspondences and of handling student issues.
  9. Research – The Research process is on course. I advise all students on research to follow up with the initial processes to kick start your project.
  10. The Academic Board postponed the Graduation date to October 30th, 2020. Please note the change and ensure that this doesn’t provide an occasion for you to flex.

May the LORD Keep you safe while you are away from Westminster

Please exercise physical distancing at all costs but your keep your social group in contact through non-physical means.

Happy Robert

Acting Principal

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