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Re-Opening of Semester 2020/2021 Circular.




Dear parents, guardians, friends and promoters of Westminster, I greet you all in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has kept us through Covid 19 turbulence and enabled us to reopen schools.  As the Semester reopens, we would like to call your attention to the following:

  1. Reopening dates and study session:

The Semester will reopen on October 19th to Oct 30th during which time students will be assigned academic tasks for self-study as they are being monitored to ensure that everyone is in good health and ready to interact with the rest of the student body in face to face lectures. This interaction is envisaged to take place after two weeks upon reporting of students on campus Nov 2nd to Nov 30th 2020; then final examinations will take place from Monday December 7th to 11th. The Calendar of events is attached.

II. Registration:

Since we are reopening the semester, there will be no registration of new students. This will take place in the February to May semester of 2021.

III. Reopening Guidelines

In addition to the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Covid 19, the following guidelines will apply to all staff, students, parents/guardians and visitors of WCIU.

  1. Liaison between Management and Students shall be done by student representation. No student shall access an administrator on face to face basis until two weeks have ended. There will also be a common room where administrative discussions with students shall be conducted in groups of three if required.
  2.  Lectures shall begin at the usual time 8:00AM and end at 1:00PM. The Feb-May Lecture schedule shall be followed to complete the semester.
  3. In case you are not able to return for the remaining year and complete classes, I advise that you contact your respective lecturers to send you notes and activities and to ensure that you keep in touch with them in order to complete the content and course workload for this semester. The Academic office will communicate in advance the final schedule for examinations so that those students who are able to attend them would come and those who fail to attend because of the restrictions in their respective countries would do the exams when they report for the second semester in Feb – May 2021 as special exams.
  4. All after lunch lectures will be agreed upon with the students depending on the course load and coverage as first adjourned in March as a result of Covid 19.
  5. Since our student population in a semester basis is negligible (about 40 students), it is expected that all students will report to finalize the semester.
  6. All students are expected to buy food from Campus restaurant to avoid uncontrolled movements. No student shall be allowed to eat from outside because the safety of one student is the safety of the entire student body and the whole campus.
  7. All students shall board on campus to control in and out movements.
  8. A nurse shall be attached to our students’ body to check their health conditions every- after two days and report his/her findings to Management.
  9. No student will be allowed on campus whose temperature has not been checked. There will be periodic checking of temperature every morning before lectures and after lectures. Record of temperature checks for both students and staff shall be kept in Health Book every day and reviewed by Management every end of the week.
  10. In case a member of the student body or staff has been tested and found positive of Covid 19, the matter will be reported to the Ministry of Health immediately and actions and decisions taken by the Ministry upon the student and the entire campus be shall final. It is important that we all work together to keep the guidelines prescribed since the consequences can be fatal.
  11. Adequate detergents and hand-washing facilities will be provided for general use.
  12. Every student shall possess personal hand-washing sanitizer of one liter (1) and a face mask in order to be allowed on campus and in a lecture room. Carry the sanitizer as you carry your phone and use it as often as possible.
  13. Any course unit with more than 15 students must always have their lectures from the dining hall or in the new library.
  14. No more lectures will be allowed in the administration building regardless of the number of students in a course. I will make available the second computer room to Lecturers with 1-5 students.
  15. Maximum sanitation and cleanliness of campus environment is advised. Constant cleaning of the washroom areas must be given priority. All of us are responsible for this.
  16. It is desirable that only one gate should be left open and guarded. This will be the most effective way to check whoever comes in and out.
  17. The wearing of face masks by every individual student and lecturer is mandatory both during lectures and on campus socialization.
  18. Room occupancy of four students per room per hostel shall be maintained. The common rooms in Boys 1 and 2 are appropriate for 5-6 students rather than 8; whereas that of State House is enough for 8 students at one sitting. The students in Boys 1 and 2 are expected to adjust accordingly. A Supervisor will be attached to check dormitory usage and conduct frequent visits.
  19. Student discussion groups must maintain two meter distance at all times. A discussion group must not be more than three students.
  20. Don’t attend Lectures if you have cough or flue and avoid any form of groups on campus.
  21. The Library must sit not more than 20 students at ago in both rooms. Shifts in Library usage must be arranged by the Librarian to ensure physical distance.

IV. Finances

  1. Our tuition and fees have remained the same (Tuition 1,380,000 and function fees 530,000). For a detailed list of our tuition and fees for different academic programs see our website on
  2. All students are expected to pay fees for this reopened semester. The institute is mindful that some students, parents and sponsors have not been working which is why you will be allowed to pay in installments approved by the Financial Committee through the Acting Bursar.
  3. Students on scholarship scheme with balances on their contributions must communicate their payment plan in writing to the Acting Bursar.
  4. All students on scholarship are required to work on campus as partial compensation towards their training.  There is much value in knowing that you contributed to your studies. Even the needy in the Old Testament were given an opportunity to harvest the “gleanings” rather than receiving their food free. They worked some, to earn it. 
  5. If a lecturer dismisses you from attending lectures, check with the business office for clearance and bring a clearance note to enable you continue with your classes.

V. Guild Elections:

The election process for the Guild Executive has been postponed to the Feb – May semester 2021.

VI. Research Projects

Students on research are expected to have completed chapter 1-3 by this time (Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology) of their research proposals and approved by the immediate supervisors. You are encouraged to pick your letter of introduction to collect data as soon as the semester reopens. Viva voce will take place in the third week of March 2021. The date for this activity will be communicated at the beginning of Feb – May semester 2021.

VII. Graduation

The expected new date for graduation is Friday May 28th, 2021.

Thank you!

Happy Robert                                                                                                                             Academic Registrar/Ag. Principal

Westminster Christian Institute Uganda

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